Mission Statement: The motto of this church is WWW -> Word, Worship and the Works of the Holy Spirit of God.

  • To prepare the heart of a believer through Praise and Worship.
  • To sow the seed of Word and Faith..
  • To tarry in prayer and spirit and establish His kingdom through signs and wonders – the works of the Holy Spirit
  • To build a large Christ oriented Biblical church without walls empowering individuals to gain Victory through Jesus Christ in every facet of life.
  • To raise disciples across the nations to reap the end time harvest.
  • To reach the lost and revolutionize the lives of the young and the old across the Globe through every available resource

We aim to measure ourselves according to Rev 11:1 where God instructed John to measure the house of God with a REED:

Reach the lost

Establish the church

Equip the saints

Disciple the nations



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